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OSHA 10/30 hour - 20 books $191.00

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OSHA 10 / 30 hour manual consists of 262 pages - When you select this manual, you’ll get both courses.

What is OSHA 10-Hour and 30-Hour Training?

OSHA has developed outreach training programs to raise awareness about workplace safety and potential hazards that can cause accidents and injuries. There are two programs designed to educate general industry workers: OSHA 10-Hour and OSHA 30-Hour.

If you’re an entry-level worker, you will get a basic overview of OSHA policies, as well as the major hazards you're likely to encounter from the OSHA 10-Hour course.

On the other hand, the OSHA 30-Hour course takes a deeper dive to provide a comprehensive overview of workplace safety programs. This course is designed for employees with supervisory duties, and it covers an extensive list of potential hazards, safety procedures, and administrative responsibilities.

Who Should Take General Industry Training?

Our general industry courses are appropriate if you’re working in manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, or health care. If you work in construction, we have a separate package of construction-specific courses.

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