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Lead Inspector Initial Curriculum $599.00

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This course was developed for the operations and maintenance personel for the remodeling and renovation. Its purpose is to provide workers with the information they need to understand that lead-based paint can create health hazards and that such hazards can be controlled by using proper work practices. The course provides an overview of lead-safe work practices. This course is also designed for workers who perform paint stabilization, interim controls, or standard treatments for federally assisted activities pursuant to 24 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 35. Students successfully completing this course meet the performance standard of HUD’s Lead Paint Regulation 24 CFR Part 1330(a)(4).
 This course includes 8 hours of instruction time. The curriculum is organized to provide participants a basic background in lead-based paint and lead poisoning; an outline of the Federal requirements; an overview of methods of detection and control; and an outline of how to incorporate lead-safe practices into remodeling and renovation activities
Includes - 5 student manuals,
Curricuklum includes: student agenda, ppt slides, instructor's outline, student quizzes, student final exam, regulations, certificat
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