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Asbestos Project Monitors must be accredited by completing the Project Monitor Course (refer to applicable State regulations).
This (pdf) book is designed for individuals who may be employed as a project monitor and in compliance with all federal, state,and local laws.

This 148 page Asbestos Student Monotor student manual detail the responsibilities which includes:

  • Observing and monitoring the activities of an Asbestos Abatement Contractor on asbestos projects to determine whether proper work practices are used, and compliance with all applicable asbestos laws and regulations are maintained,
  • Collecting environmental air samples during the asbestos project,
  • Performing visual inspections of the work area, and
  • Granting final air clearance upon completion of the asbestos project.

The Project Monitor acts as a buffer between the Asbestos Contractor and the building owner, ensuring that the Contractor completes the project in accordance with the asbestos contract specifications and all applicable health and safety laws, as well as answering questions and providing guidance for the owner.

It is the Project Monitor who represents the building owners interests during abatement projects. The human health and environment are primary concerns of the Project Monitor and the building owner. The Project Monitor must use his/her knowledge, experience, and expertise to assist the Abatement Contractor in making decisions unique to a particular project.

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