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Lead Inspection Manual

This textbook was developed with input from EPA for the use of either state or federally approved
trainers to provide guidance for those who are about to undertake inspection of  Lead-Based Paint.         

Certified inspector means an individual who has been trained by an accredited training program,
as defined by this section, and certified by EPA pursuant to §745.226 to conduct inspections.
A certified inspector also samples for the presence of lead in dust and soil for the purposes of abatement
clearance testing.


Inspection means a surface-by-surface investigation to determine the presence of lead-based paint and
the provision of a report explaining the results of the investigation.


The inspector course shall last a minimum of 24 training hours, with a minimum of 8 hours
devoted to hands-on training activities. Books are bound in a 6"x 9" book. 

Refresher courses may use this same manual.

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