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The purpose of this curriculum is to offer a comprehensive 5-day training program designed for supervisors of asbestos abatement projects who are responsible for conducting response actions. It provides detailed instruction on work practices, abatement procedures, personal protection, and pertinent Federal regulations that consultants or contractors must adhere to when overseeing abatement work. Additionally, the course explores various topics such as insurance, bonding, contract specifications, and the potential health effects associated with asbestos exposure.

This Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor curriculum training course package contains 5 student books, instructor's outline, power point slides, regulations, agenda, case studies, certificate and final exam.

This curriculum was developed by the U.S. EPA to provide guidance for those who are about to undertake an asbestos abatement project.  The procedures and practices detailed in these pages incorporated current technology at the time of publishing.  Students should be reminded that as technology evolves, so do the methods for conducting asbestos abatement.  Therefore, we emphasize the need for the students to obtain the most up-to-date information available.

Table of Contents

 Chapter 1          Course Overview                                                                      

 Chapter 2          Background Information on Asbestos                                            

 Chapter 3          Health Effects of Asbestos Exposure                                            

 Chapter 4          Protecting the Worker: Respirators and Protective Clothing               

 Chapter 5          Establishing a Type C, Supplied Air System                                     

 Chapter 6          Establishing a Medical Surveillance Program                                     

 Chapter 7          Pre-Work activities & Considerations                                            

 Chapter 8          Glovebag Techniques for Removal of Pipe Insulation                        

 Chapter 9          Preparing the Work Area & Establishing the Decontamination


Chapter 10        Confining & Minimizing Airborne Fibers                                          

 Chapter 11        Safety & Health Considerations other than Asbestos                   

 Chapter 12        Cleaning Up the Work Area                                                         

 Chapter 13        Waste Disposal Requirement                                                     

 Chapter 14        Sampling & Analytical Methodology                                             

 Chapter 15        Post Removal Lockdown Procedures and Asbestos Substitutes          

 Chapter 16        Contract Specifications                                                               

 Chapter 17        Legal & Insurance Considerations                                               

 Chapter 18        Regulatory Update                                                                  

 Chapter 19          Asbestos Glossary

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