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Asbestos Project Designer -10 Books

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This book is intended to help project designer generate and enforce written specifications
and project plans that meet federal regulations.  
This book is to be used in the EPA Model Accreditation Plan Curriculum  (40 CFR part 73)

The Project Designer  course will cover background information on asbestos and potential
health effects related to asbestos exposure. 

Other topics include:

* Overview of abatement construction projects to include clearance of the project area

* Safety system design specifications, including written sampling rationale for air clearance

* Field trip

* Employee personal protective equipment

* Additional Safety hazards

* Fiber aerodynamics and control

* Designing abatement solutions and written project design

* Budgeting/cost estimation

* Writing abatement specifications

* Preparing abatement drawings

* Contract preparation and administration

* Legal/liabilities/defenses

* Replacement * Role of other consultants

* Occupied buildings

* How to accomplish a complete visual inspection


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