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Lead Risk Assessor Re- Evaluation HUD - case 20

Price: Suppliement to Lead Risk Assessment Initial and Refresher
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This is the Chapter 5 HUD/EPA Protocol. It is performed by a licensed Risk Assessor. A surface by surface visual inspection is performed to determine the presence of any deteriorated paint, friction-impact surfaces or mouthable painted surfaces.
These components are then tested for the presence of lead based paint. An XRF device is necessary or destructive sampling must be employed to collect paint chip samples. (A proper paint chip sample is done by cutting a 2" x 2" area from the painted surface and submitting it to a lab so the non destructive XRF makes best sense) Areas that also may be tested for lead paint content are any areas that will be impacted by construction or remodeling.
After all paint testing has been performed dust wipe samples are to be collected from random areas in the home, centering in on rooms where small children spend most of their time. Soil samples are also collected from house area and play areas.
Water testing is optional per HUD/EPA recommendations.
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