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Lead Risk Assessor 20 books

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    Lead Risk Assessor Books are bound in a 6"x 9" hardcover book. The Lead Risk Assessor training manual is for individuals who plan on conducting risk assessments. Lead risk assessments  are are on-site investigations to determine the existence, nature, severity, and location of lead-based paint hazards, and to provide a report explaining the results of the investigation and options for reducing lead-based paint hazards. Lead risk assessors are responsible for the same functions as a lead inspector. In addition, they develop standard written inspection protocols;  interpret the results of lead inspections; make recommendations on hazard control options; prepare written lead exposure hazard reduction plans for lead hazard reduction projects; and issue certificates of inspection, certificates of lead free, certificates of lead safe, and certificates of compliance. The book consists of 406 pages and is separated into 16 chapters.

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