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Lead Worker English (case (30)

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This Book is designed to provide information on the identification and abatement of lead-based paint hazards.

This textbook was developed by the EPA for the use of either state or federally approved trainers to provide guidance for those who are about to undertake a Lead-Based Paint Abatement project.

Certified abatement worker means an individual who has been trained by an accredited training program, as defined by this section, and certified by EPA pursuant to §745.226 to perform abatements.
The abatement worker course shall last a minimum of 16 training hours, with a minimum of 8 hours devoted to hands-on training activities. 
This 2-day worker course and hands-on activities will cover topics on: background information and sources of contamination on lead, federal and local regulations, hazard recognition and controls, health effects, safety, medical surveillance, personal protective equipment, respirators, clothing, work practices, including work area preparation, indoor and outdoor abatement of paint, dust and sol, clean-up and disposal and record keeping.

Book Contents:
  • Identification of lead-based paint hazards
  • Proper abatement and handling of lead-based paint
  • Legal, insurance, and liability concerns
  • State and Federal regulations
  • Effects of lead exposure
  • Sources of lead contamination
  • X-ray Fluorescence Detectors (XRF)
  • HUD's hazard assessment protocol
  • State-of-the-art abatement procedures
  • Removal/encapsulation/enclosure procedures
Refresher courses abatement worker must last a minimum of 8 training hours. 
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