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Asbestos Building Inspection 30 books $245.50

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                This Asbestos Building Inspection student manual meets EPA AHERA's requirements for 40CFR 763. Books are bound in a 6"x 9" hardcover book (178 pages).

                This manual  was developed by EPA mostly for the use of either state ok federal approved trainers to provide guidance for those who are about to undertake inspection of buildings for asbestos.

                The procedures and practices detailed in this material incorporated current technology at the time of publishing. This tstudent manual shoud be used for the 3-day initial inspection course and the half day refresher course.

               This manual  covers in detail the Asbestos Inspection procedures.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Table of Contents

                  Section A - Background Information on Asbestos

                  Section B - Health Effects Related to Asbestos Exposure

                  Section C - Functions/ Qualifications and Role of Inspectors

                  Section D - Legal Liabilities of Building Inspectors

                 Section E - Understanding Building Systems

                  Section F - Public/ Employee/ Building Occupant Relations

                 Section G - Pre-Inspection Planning and Review of Previous Inspection Records

                 Section H - Inspecting For Friable and Non-Friable ACM & Condition Assessing

                 Section 1 - Bulk Sampling

                 Section J - Personal Protection

                  Section L - Regulatory Review


                  Glossary of Terms

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