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This manual provides training for the 1 day refresher or the 5 day initial  and is intended for supervisors of asbestos abatement projects who perform response actions. It covers in detail the work practices, abatement procedures, personal protection and relevant Federal regulations that a consultant or contractor must consider before beginning to supervise abatement work. Along with other topics, the course examines insurance, bonding, contract specifications.                                              Table of Contents

 Chapter 1          Course Overview                                                                      

 Chapter 2          Background Information on Asbestos                                            

 Chapter 3          Health Effects of Asbestos Exposure                                            

 Chapter 4          Protecting the Worker: Respirators and Protective Clothing               

 Chapter 5          Establishing a Type C, Supplied Air System                                     

 Chapter 6          Establishing a Medical Surveillance Program                                     

 Chapter 7          Pre-Work activities & Considerations                                            

 Chapter 8          Glovebag Techniques for Removal of Pipe Insulation                        

 Chapter 9          Preparing the Work Area & Establishing the Decontamination

 Chapter 10        Confining & Minimizing Airborne Fibers                                          

 Chapter 11        Safety & Health Considerations other than Asbestos                   

 Chapter 12        Cleaning Up the Work Area                                                         

 Chapter 13        Waste Disposal Requirement                                                     

 Chapter 14        Sampling & Analytical Methodology                                             

 Chapter 15        Post Removal Lockdown Proced

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