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Asbestos Project Monitor Initial Curriculum

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Any person, other than the asbestos contractor/supervisor, who oversees the scope, methodology or quality control on an abatement project must maintain the project monitor certification.
This includes those who shall act in ann accredited thrid party and/or owners representative capacity.

Completion of this course allows an individual to also obtain an Asbestos Project Monitor Certification.
This course incorporates extensive practical exercises, a project site visit and conclude with a one hundred (100) question exam.

The Project Monitor course will cover background information on asbestos and potential health effects related to asbestos exposure.

Other topics include:   Roles and Responsibilities of the Project Monitor, Characteristics of Asbestos and Asbestos Containing Materials

Federal Asbestos Regulations, Understanding Building Construction and Building Systems, Understanding Building Construction and Building Systems Hands-on Workshop,  Asbestos Abatement Contracts Specification and Drawings, Asbestos Abatement Contracts Specification and Drawings Hands-on Workshop,   Response Actions and Abatement practices,  Asbestos Abatement Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment Hands-on Workshop,  Air Monitoring Strategies, Air Monitoring Strategies Hands-on Workshop, Air Monitoring Strategies Hands-on Workshop,  Safety and Health Issues other than Asbestos,  Air Sampling Protocols, Requirements & Data Interpretation, Conducting Visual Inspection Hands-on Workshop, Legal Responsibilities and Liabilities of the Project Monitors, Recordkeeping and Report Writing, Record Keeping and Report Writing Hands-on Workshop.


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